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Thornborough News is distributed free of charge to all households throughout the parish and contains lots of useful information and articles about village life.

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Thornborough eNews – Village Facebook Page

Thornborough has a dedicated Facebook page – Thornborough eNews. The page is open to Thornborough residents, local groups or friends of Thornborough. It’s a place to post news, advertise events or ask questions. We ask that people who wish to join the group or who are invited to join the group answer a qualifying question about links to the village this ensures that the content is kept local. The group is administered by three volunteer ‘admins’ who do their absolute best to ensure that Facebook posts and subsequent comments are kind and courteous to all. Bullying, poor language and/or discrimination will not be tolerated. If you would like to join the group please use the link below and answer the qualifying question re what are your links to the village.

Thornborough eNews – Village Facebook Page 

Parish Council Casual Vacancy

JK Rowling used the term ‘casual vacancy’ for the title of her novel of the same name. In a nutshell ‘casual vacancy’ refers to the powers given to local councils to co-opt a new councillor if there is a resignation between elections. Like many parish councils across the country, Thornborough Parish Council currently currently has a casual vacancy and is keen to encourage residents to come forward to serve the community and make a difference. If you are interested, please contact the Clerk to find out more about becoming a councillor. You’ll be surprised by how rewarding local democracy can be. You will be joining a team committed to building community.


Thornborough Section 19 Flood Investigation - Draft Report 

Thornborough Flood Action Group (TFAG) was appointed by Thornborough Parish Council (TPC) in response to the ‘great flood’ of December 2019. The aim of TFAG was to establish an understanding of the causes of the flood and identify what could be done to reduce future flooding.

TFAG worked with the Internal Drainage Board, the Environment Agency, Buckinghamshire Council and Transport For Bucks. Which resulted in remedial work to clear the stream, culverts, and drains.

In addition because of the number of properties flooded in the village, Buckinghamshire Council undertook to investigate the flood causes and offer suggestion on flood mitigation in the form of a Flood Investigation Under Section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act (2010).

The Draft Section 19 Report is now available and provided below. 

The documents are lengthy, full of numbers and technical jargon. TFAG will review and comment on behalf of the community, however, if you wish to comment, please visit do. The residents of the flooded properties are being contacted by TFAG.

Draft Section 19 Report Document 1
Draft Section 19 Report Document 2 
Draft Section 19 Report Document 3
Draft Section 19 Report Document 4